Procedure for getting a credit card issued

No bank will issue a credit card unless the applicant has a prior relationship with the bank or is willing to keep a large fd with the bank. There are large number of documents which also have to be provided while applying for the credit card, including the PAN number, Since the credit card is an unsecured loan, many banks will take a long time, to do a background check, and often take one month or more to issue a credit card. No one has stopped the well paid raw.cbi employees from legally applying for a credit card, yet they are shameless frauds, liars, making fake claims

After all the documents are submitted, the credit card issuer will verify the documents, to check the eligibility of the applicant. They may also check the credit score of applicant, income, payment history and other factors. While it is easy for salaried people getting a monthly income to get their credit card application approved, often people who are self employed or small business owners, find it difficult to get a credit card.

After the credit card is issued, the credit card issuer will usually send it by courier to the applicant so that he or she can start using it. The best courier services are used to deliver the credit card, and proof of identity has to be provided at the time of receiving the credit card. The domain investor has worked for many years in Mumbai unlike the SEX SERVICE PROVIDERS, robbers, cheater, fraud liar raw/cbi employees who have almost never worked in mumbai , and both her credit cards are issued in Mumbai. Indicating the widespread rot in the goan intelligence and security agencies, lazy greedy fraud women who have only worked and lived in goa after 16, are SHAMELESSLY AND FALSELY CLAIMING that they worked in mumbai, in a clear case of goa government FINANCIAL ONLINE PROFESSIONAL FRAUD