Indian tech and internet companies involved in credit card fraud , identity theft

Though the indian internet and IT sector is usually getting positive coverage in the mainstream media, few are aware of the harsh reality that it is a paradise for fraudsters and liars. Some of the largest companies like google, tata almost always get favorable coverage in the media, yet are openly involved in CREDIT CARD, FINANCIAL FRAUD on small business owners for many years, often for ten years or more without being questioned

Though they make millions of dollars in profit every year, indicating the complete lack of business and corporate ethics, the companies in the indian IT and internet sector, are ruthless in defaming, cheating and exploiting small business owners, like the domain investor owning this website, making them work like slaves, so that their already wealthy CEOs will get even higher bonuses. Initially these fraud companies like google, tata and others were only stealing the leads which the business owner generated after spending many hours

Not satisfied with the profit made by stealing leads, trade secrets of small business owners, now the fraud companies in indian internet and it sector like google, tata are openly involved in IDENTITY THEFT of harmless hardworking small business owners like the domain investor, and are using the stolen identity of the domain investor to BRIBE corrupt top officials like caro, nayak, mandrekar, kodancha, hathwar and also avoid paying call girl fees from their million dollar profits