Goa government refuses to end credit card fraud,criminal defamation of domain investor

If citizens are cheated or exploited in most countries, they will approach the government agencies for help and justice, since all citizens have the right to justice according to the indian constitution, Yet in a clear indication of the terrible business conditions in India, the indian and state governments especially the goa government is openly involved in a massive credit card fraud on some citizens, like the domain investor legally owning the website , domain name, falsely claiming that it belongs to gujju SCHOOL DROPOUT SEX SERVICE PROVIDERS who have sex with top indian government employees

Allegedly bribed by the sundar pichai led google, tata, the indian and state government in goa,madhya pradesh, karnataka, maharashtra, haryana, NTRO are falsely claiming that the credit card of the domain investor who is the legal owner of the credit card , belongs to google, tata sponsored sex service providers, school dropouts, robber, cheater housewives and other fraud raw/cbi employees who have never applied for the credit card, do not possess the credit card and are not paying the credit card bill.

The goa government wishes to attract investment to goa, yet it does nothing to end fraud on citizens who have actually invested a large amount in goa, subjecting them to massive credit card fraud. The intelligence and security agency employees in goa are the most DISHONEST CORRUPT LIARS AND FRAUDS in the world who will take massive bribes from their role model SCHOOL DROPOUT sex service provider gujju housewife naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh, and her fraud family with plenty of BLACK MONEY and falsely claim that the panaji sex queen, who has never applied for a credit card, owns the credit card of a single woman engineer, the gujju fraudster family hate

No bank will issue a credit card to the goa government role model school dropout gujju housewife naina chandan, since she has no skills other than housekeeping, cooking, and providing sex services. she has almost no savings in her account, no professional experience and other that cbi which hires sex service providers, no organization other call girl agencies with gujju clients would hire her. Yet because naina has top gujju officials like parmar, parekh, nikhil sha addicted to her SEX SERVICES and her balding bespectacled husband offers massive CASH BRIBES to the top officials in goa, the goa government continues to pamper the gujju school dropout naina chandan,

At present the indian government system of verifying credit card and domain ownership is extremely FLAWED, can be easily exploited by frauds. FAKING DOMAIN OWNERSHIP has become a very lucrative racket in India, because of fraud companies like google, tata, since the people who falsely claims ownership of domains, get a monthly raw/cbi salary, if he convinces the CORRUPT LIAR raw/cbi employees. The indian government is relying on the corrupt LIAR security and intelligence agency employees to determine who owns the credit card and there is no further check

So the corrupt security and intelligence agency employees can falsely claim that their lazy greedy relatives, associates, BRIBE GIVERS who are not owning the credit card and paying the bills, owns the credit card of a private citizen and get raw/cbi salaries at the expense of the real credit card holder. this is a very easy way for the well paid government employees to make quick BRIBES, abuse their powers, make fake claims, and when the BRIBE GIVERS gets a monthly raw/cbi salary for MAKING FAKE CLAIMS about the credit card of a person he hates, the LIAR government employee will also get MONTHLY BRIBES for MAKING FAKE CLAIMS about CREDIT CARD OWNERSHIP

If the indian government was competent and honest, it would have asked the person claiming to own the credit card, to provide proof that they own the credit card, show their bank statement showing the payment for the credit card monthly. yet indicating the massive CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM, FRAUD levels in the indian and state governments especially the karnataka, goan government, the government refuses to check the bank statement of the LIAR, FRAUD, raw/cbi employees FAKING DOMAIN OWNERSHIP for the last 10 years, relies on the LIAR FRAUD SOCIOPATH BRIBE TAKING security and intelligence agency employees who are openly involved in a massive CREDIT CARD FRAUD in the indian internet sector for the last 10 years

Actually compared to the domain investor, the panaji gujju fraudster family is paying almost no TAXES , they have plenty of BLACK MONEY which they use to BRIBE the liar top officials who then abuse their powers to make fake claims of credit card ownership, in a clear case of GOVERNMENT CREDIT CARD FRAUD in goa for the last 8 years.

Indian tech and internet companies involved in credit card fraud , identity theft

Though the indian internet and IT sector is usually getting positive coverage in the mainstream media, few are aware of the harsh reality that it is a paradise for fraudsters and liars. Some of the largest companies like google, tata almost always get favorable coverage in the media, yet are openly involved in CREDIT CARD, FINANCIAL FRAUD on small business owners for many years, often for ten years or more without being questioned

Though they make millions of dollars in profit every year, indicating the complete lack of business and corporate ethics, the companies in the indian IT and internet sector, are ruthless in defaming, cheating and exploiting small business owners, like the domain investor owning this website, making them work like slaves, so that their already wealthy CEOs will get even higher bonuses. Initially these fraud companies like google, tata and others were only stealing the leads which the business owner generated after spending many hours

Not satisfied with the profit made by stealing leads, trade secrets of small business owners, now the fraud companies in indian internet and it sector like google, tata are openly involved in IDENTITY THEFT of harmless hardworking small business owners like the domain investor, and are using the stolen identity of the domain investor to BRIBE corrupt top officials like caro, nayak, mandrekar, kodancha, hathwar and also avoid paying call girl fees from their million dollar profits

Credit card fraud and domain ownership

One of the reasons why the domain investor is wasting her time exposing the credit card fraud, is because the credit card fraud is directly linked to the domain ownership, ICANN,FRAUD of the indian and state governments, especially the goan government. The high levels of unemployment in India are directly related to the fact that government FINANCIAL FRAUD on citizens like the domain investor are at an all time high and the government is least bothered about the valid complaints of its citizens.

The indian intelligence and security agencies think that repeating lies will make it the truth, when it is not always possible. For example the indian and state governments are shameless liars, falsely claiming that the domains of a private citizen who is paying Rs 4 lakh annually for the domains, belong to the well paid SHAMELESS LAZY LIAR raw/cbi employees who do not pay any money at all for the domain names, These fraud raw/cbi employees are not on talking terms with the domain investor and hate her in most cases.

People will pay for any asset or item they lease only if they have control over it. For example jio employee nikhil, the shameless fraud son of the sindhi school dropout cbi employee naina chandan, who looks like actress sneha wagh, paid money in october 2019 (most probably black money) for a royal enfield bike, and has control over it, The domain investor is paying white money for her domains, and controls them , yet in a clear case of indian government ONLINE, DOMAIN FRAUD, the government agencies are refusing to acknowledge the fact that she owns the domains