High levels of credit card fraud in panaji,goa

The government credit card fraud on the domain investor for the last 10 years, again highlights the CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM, INEFFICIENCY AND FINANCIAL FRAUD of the indian and state government especially the goa government, The government has many resources, yet it is so INCOMPETENT, that it cannot even determine who legally owns the credit card and relies on GOSSIP, RUMORS to make FAKE CLAIMS of shameless LIAR sindhi school dropout housewives and their sex addict lovers

for the benefit of the extremely incompetent LIAR FRAUD goan government officials who are making FAKE CLAIMS that their role model panaji sindhi SCHOOL DROPOUT scammer naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh, who has never applied for any credit card, owns the credit card of the domain investor, the procedure for applying for a credit card is fairly complicated.

For example, though the domain investor has some money in goa, the banks have told her that she will not get any credit card in goa, unless she makes a FD in some banks