Online shopping and credit card fraud

Another problem created by the indian and goan government CREDIT CARD FRAUD on the domain investor is how the shameless liar fraud R&AW/cbi employees are falsely claiming that they own the items, which she is ordering online. These fraud raw/cbi employees have never applied for the credit card, are not paying any money for the bill, yet since indian government FINANCIAL FRAUD is at the highest levels in history, no one questions these raw/cbi employees why they are making fake claims

For example, the shameless goan bhandari officials are falsely claiming that the amazon orders of the domain investor are placed by the goan bhandari call girl R&AW employee sunaina chodan, when the call girl is not on talking terms with the domain investor. On March 28,. 2019, the call girl sunaina openly threatened to bash up the domain investor, and hates her, yet the goan bhandari officials like pritesh chodankar are so shameless that they continue with their online shopping fraud without being questioned.

Similarly others like fraud gujju officials like nikhil sha are following the footsteps of fraud pritesh chodankar and making fake claims about the online orders of the domain investor. This is part of the extremely systematic CRIMINAL DEFAMATION of the domain investor by google, tata who have ruthlessly exploited her to increase their million dollar profit, stealing her identity to avoid paying CALL GIRLS for their SEX SERVICES, and paying BRIBES