Vehicle wheels and tyres

February 7th, 2017

One of the most important part of a vehicle are the vehicle tyres, and these can get easily damaged while travelling, especially on roads which are not well maintained. So many car owners in rural areas are keeping a spare tyre manufactured by the same company in their vehicle so that they can change the car tyre whenever they wish to, when travelling long distances in remote areas.

Cheque clearing problems force domain investor to make credit card payment from personal account

December 29th, 2016

The government has implemented CTS cheque clearing, however it remains very erratic and unreliable, so some individuals are forced to make payment from their personal account for any cheque payment. For example for a SBI credit card payment, there was a CTS cheque clearing payment problem, yet instead of noting the CTS problem, the customer was blamed for non payment of the cheque and penalized Rs 450+ for the CTS computerized system error.
The credit card holder had to waste a lot of her time, to get the incorrect penalty imposed reversed, so she decided to make the payment from her SBI account directly, so that the cheque would not have to go for clearing,which is controlled by corrupt officials .

problem for SBI credit card bill payment

November 27th, 2016

The payment for the SBI credit card bill was made by cheque , and the bank account was debited on 23.11.2016, However SBI credit card is sending an sms message on 24.11.2016 that the payment was rejected due to insufficient balance, when there was sufficient balance and the amount has already been credited to SBI on 23.11.2016 according to the bank statement.
Has anyone faced the same problem with their SBI or any other credit card that they made the payment by cheque, their account was debited and have got the message that the payment was rejected due to poor systems in the credit card company.

Has anyone faced a problem for SBI credit card bill payment, when cash is not to be used, why are credit cards and bill payment systems so inefficient?

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November 8th, 2016

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Chiropractor for Chronic Pain Following Auto Accident

September 13th, 2016

My back has been killing me lately, and unfortunately, I have a pretty good reason for the pain. I was involved in a car accident a couple of months ago, and I am lucky that I escaped from it with my life. I broke a vertebrae in the accident, but that has healed, or so they have told me. I want to find a san jose car accident chiropractor because I feel that a chiropractor might be able to help me with some of the chronic pain I am experiencing my back, which still lingers and has not resolved itself even though most of my injuries from the car accident have been healed for awhile.

Although I only broke one vertebrae, which is one too many by the way, but I suffered a lot of soft tissue damage to other parts of my back and spinal column, and that is probably going to take longer to completely heal. I do not like living with all of this pain though, because at times it really drives me crazy and makes me want to just curl up in a ball and cry. I have been lucky that I have never really experienced any back problems before, and I did not have a clue as to just how much they can impact your life in a negative way.

Hopefully I can go see one today, but since it is almost noon, I do not expect that will be the case. I probably will have to wait at least a day or two before I can find an open appointment slot. I have not returned to work yet following my accident though, so I can go to see a chiropractor any time of the day and it will not interfere with my schedule at all.

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My Husband Lost His Leg

September 13th, 2016

My husband was involved in a car accident about eight months ago. Some car accidents are minor and people get very lucky, and some accidents are like the one my husband was involved in. He was driving down the freeway when another truck crossed the median and hit his truck head on. My husband lost his right leg and had multiple broken bones and internal injuries. He was unconscious for several days, and I knew that I was going to need to have an auto accident injury attorney in Sacramento help me because our future just went from looking bright to looking like our worst nightmare.

Because of the pain he was in, the doctors induced a coma so he would not feel it. They said it would be better for his healing for the first few days, and it would give them a better picture of his prognosis. Read the rest of this entry »

Billing email notification not received

September 13th, 2016

Usually an email is sent by webhosting companies whenever hosting bills have to be paid , so that the customer can pay the bill on time using Paypal which is linked to the credit card. However it is observed that billing emails are not received, so the webhosting customer is not aware of whether the invoice has been raised and makes payment accordingly .
This trend of emails getting deleted has become extremely risky for the domain investor as their hosting and payment plans are getting disrupted. It would be interesting to know the names of the officials who are intercepting and deleting these emails, how deleting these emails is a matter of national security.

NTRO officials maximize credit card bill to cause losses

September 13th, 2016

Instead of working for the welfare of indian citizens, the dishonest ntro officials are doing their best to maximize the losses of indian paypal account holders so that companies like google can increase their profit.
They are intentionally hacking the laptop of harmless indian internet users , so that these indian paypal account holders are forced to purchase new laptops increasing their credit card bill. The CD drive firmware has also been manipulated so that no cd drive can be connected to some laptops
This is a test post to check whether the website on credit cards is working after being hacked by ntro officials

Open exploitation of obc credit card holders in India

September 5th, 2016

Most intelligence agency officials are brahmins and if an obc credit card holder will make any online payment, they will falsely claim that their lazy greedy cheater friends and relatives are making the credit card payment to get their fraud relatives and friends lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs.
The fraud relative and friends of ntro, security agency officials like goan gsb frauds cbi/raw employees riddhi nayak, siddhi mandrekar, nayanshree hathwar, do not actually pay the credit card bill, own the credit and are least bothered in doing any work to pay the credit card bill, yet because indian intelligence agencies in 2016 treat obc credit card holders as slaves of their lazy greedy cheater R&AW/CBIemployee friends and relatives, these fraud friends and relatives are getting a salary for doing nothing except defaming the obc credit card holder without any proof, especially in panaji, goa

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Are intelligence, security agencies demanding and getting money for credit card transactions

August 16th, 2016

It appears that due to the high level of cybercrime and online fraud, local intelligence and security agency officials are demanding and getting money for every online credit card, debit card, netbanking transaction.
Earlier airlines were charging only ticket price, now they are charging Rs 75 to Rs 150 extra per online transaction, which appears to be paid to the local intelligence and security agencies, to eliminate online fraud.
Only Air India is not charging the additional fee, indicating that intelligence, security agency officials are involved, and are forced to provide these services free to Air India as it is a government of India undertaking.
The payback charges of Rs 99 per transaction also indicate that some additional fees are being demanded and extorted

So in addition to their salary and pension, some officials are getting money for every online transaction in their area.

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